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I can’t hide it – I love the smell of a fresh pack of crayons! As I strolled down the school supply aisle at a local department store, I imagined what notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, and calculator I would choose if I were a kid again. I even got a little giddy about selecting a new lunch box. I even have photo proof of my excitement; see photo above!

School starts this week for many students and New Dimensions FCU is ready to get back into the classrooms with new engaging lesson plans to teach financial education in grades K-12! In sharing a couple of highlights with you, we’ve purchased fun storybooks to share with the younger kids that teach them how to count money, make change, and encourages them to start saving money! For the middle school students, we have built a large scale, custom Jenga game which will be used to teach budgeting skills. Finally, for the high school students, we have listened to student’s feedback and crafted a new lesson called “Adulting 101” which will show young adults what it really takes to live on their own. Molly and I debuted this lesson with the Upward Bound students at UMF this summer and they were fully engaged in the lesson and after the session was done, I heard many students say, “Adulting is hard…I’m totally going to live in my parent’s basement forever.” It was a good dose of reality, for sure.

So, send your child back to school because we are ready to bring high energy lessons to classrooms all over Kennebec and Somerset counties – our school totes are packed and ready! If you are a teacher and would like us to visit your classroom, please contact me directly at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com or (207) 872-2771.

Have a productive and happy new school year!

Until next time

~ Tanya

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