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Rusty Lantern Market

Company Hours

Sunday6:30AM - 9PM
Monday4:30AM - 9PM
Tuesday4:30AM - 9PM
Wednesday4:30AM - 9PM
Thursday4:30AM - 9PM
Friday4:30AM - 9PM
Saturday5:30AM - 5PM

Rusty Lantern Market operates branded fueling stations combined with exceptional convenience store products and made-to-order food and beverage options.

Most of our locations feature food and coffee services that compete on quality and cleanliness with any food or beverage entity.

We’re moving decisively to change consumers perception of what to expect from a convenience store. Our locations are respectful of the communities we inhabit and seek to exceed customer expectations with friendly staff, clean facilities, delicious food, gourmet coffee, and local/craft product selections.

We are committed to be a preferred employer. We offer competitive salary and wages, health and team benefits, training programs, a ‘promote from within’ culture, clean working conditions, and a safe, supportive working environment.

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