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Home Hope & Healing Inc.

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Home, Hope and Healing Inc. & Aspire Behavioral Health and Counseling

We are an agency that was created and is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of the highly complex, medically dependent consumers in their homes. Our focus is family-centered and requires a team of professionals who value teamwork and achieving the “impossible” for this very select group of consumers. We believe that Home, Hope and Healing is their Maine Nursing Connection to superior services. Our emphasis is not just on staffing the case. While we recognize that this is very important, it is only the very tip of the iceberg of the needs these consumers and their families have. The larger work is to be the “connecting piece” for the patient and his or her family to their varied healthcare providers.

Aspire Behavioral Health & Counseling Services is a sister agency to Home Hope and Healing. Aspire encompasses a variety of mental health services to support the behavioral health needs of families in and around the Central Maine area. One of the pinnacle services offered through Aspire will be Rehabilitative and Community Services, known as Section 28. This particular service is designed to give children from ages 3-21 who have a developmental disability or behavioral need with a qualifying diagnosis a one-on-one support worker who will build and foster basic social, communication, and functional life skills. Aspire Behavioral Health & Counseling also have the ability to offer Home and Community Support Services (HCT), Children’s Targeted Case Management Services and Outpatient Counseling out of the Smithfield Office. Aspire strives to empower the lives of individuals in an effort to assist them in reaching their full potential. Aspire Behavioral Health & Counseling provides excellent client/family services, consistent skills based interventions that yield positive results, and to provide care and compassionate support in the home and community settings.

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