Ranger Contracting, Inc.

Excavation and earthwork only begins to scratch the surface of the capabilities of veteran-owned Ranger Contracting Inc. Having successfully completed projects from “the county” to the coast, Ranger has proven it has the resources and geographical reach needed to help build Maine’s future, while still satisfying the needs of local business and industry. Ranger’s diversity comes from its commitment to invest in the company’s future by selecting and maintaining an experienced staff of project managers, superintendents, and qualified field personnel; utilizing safe, inventive construction practices and techniques; and operating modern, well serviced equipment to eliminate downtime due to unnecessary and untimely breakage, etc.

Rossignol Excavating, Inc.

Rossignol’s Excavating was founded in 1974.
We are a small company specializing in residential and small commercial projects.
Owners always on site.
From driveways to digging for foundations, waterlines, septic systems, underground utilities, shaping to landscaping with the experience to get the job done right.
Rossignol’s Excavating, Inc.
39 Industrial Drive
Oakland, ME 04963
E-mail: mike@rossignolexcavating.com
E-mail: everett@rossignolexcavating.com