22nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter & Services

The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter invites you to participate in their 22nd Annual Charity Golf Tournament. This year’s tournament will take place at Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro, ME on the Tomahawk Course. The format of the tournament is a scramble with carts. Prizes will be awarded at the completion of the tournament.
Over the past 21 years, this fundraiser, with the help of supporters like you, has proven to be beneficial to the shelter. With your help, we will continue to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for our guests.
Event Details Event Details Event Details About Mid About Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter & ServicesMaine Homeless Shelter & Services Maine Homeless Shelter & Services Maine Homeless Shelter & Services Maine Homeless Shelter & Services Maine Homeless Shelter & ServicesMaine Homeless Shelter & Services
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Attendance: Expected 144 Golfers
Location: Natanis Golf Course
Tomahawk Course
735 Webber Pond Road
Vassalboro, ME 04989
Schedule: 9:00 a.m. Registration
10:00 a.m. Shotgun Start
Contact Information
Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter
Karyn Bournival, Interim Executive Director
19 Colby Street Waterville, ME 04901
(207) 872-8082  (207) 872-6550  Fax: (207) 872-0834
shelter@ShelterMe.org  www.shelterme.org



New Doctor at Garland Road Small Animal Hospital.
Dr. Abby Arena is happy to be working in the greater Waterville area once again! Dr. Arena is a lifetime Mainer (minus her years in vet school in Prince Edward Island). She graduated in 2014 and came back with a little Beagle named Artie and a huge interest in animal wellness and especially surgery.
When she’s not at work, she is dabbling in one of her many hobbies and creative pursuits-anything from sewing and painting to gardening and welding! 

President’s Club 2019

President’s Club 2019

GHM Insurance Agency Recognized for Exceptional Customer Commitment
and Service selected for The Hanover’s President’s Club

GHM Insurance Agency recently was selected for The Hanover Insurance Group’s President’s Club, an elite group of independent insurance agencies from across the country.

The Hanover’s President’s Club agencies are recognized for delivering outstanding value to their customers through their insurance expertise and responsive service.

The Hanover partners with a select group of 2,300 independent agents nationwide. GHM was one of only 120 independent agencies recognized with this distinction. This is the 18th consecutive year GHM has been named to The Hanover’s President’s Club.]

“We are proud to partner with the great team at GHM Insurance Agency,” said Richard W. Lavey, president, Hanover Agency Markets. “They are truly committed to serving their customers, offering valued counsel and high-quality insurance expertise.”
The agency was formally recognized for its inclusion in the company’s President’s Club during a national business conference in Bluffton, South Carolina.
“GHM has been serving the insurance needs of Maine families and business owners since 1901. We’re proud to represent The Hanover Insurance Group. They are an outstanding insurance carrier that provides a high level of value and service we expect when choosing which carrier to place our customer’s business with,” said Bill Mitchell, President at GHM.

The Last Unicorn – Brunch

Run for The Roses Brunch
The Last Unicorn
8 Silver St. Waterville, Me

The Last Unicorn would like to announce the official start to our NEW Sunday Brunch: Run for the Roses! We will be open this Sunday for Easter from 9am~2pm! Whether you are coming to enjoy the unique food options, the delicious and creative Bloody Mary’s, our Mimosa bar or the Grateful Dead tunes this is sure to be an experience you won’t forget! Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm.
Now taking reservations for Mother’s Day 2019

The last Unicorn Restaurant

Do You Know the Top 3 Factors that Impact Your Credit Score?

Do You Know the Top 3 Factors that Impact Your Credit Score?

In today’s financial landscape, it is important to be diligent with your credit. From getting car insurance to a new apartment to a new job; your credit score can affect you.

There are many factors that make up your credit score ratio, but the following are major considerations. Your FICO score is a three-digit number which can range from 300 to 850 and is a major factor in determining your creditworthiness when applying for a loan. Many people are unsure about how it is calculated or what actions they can do to improve their score.  Here are the top 3 factors that impact your score:

  1. A solid payment history – 35% of your credit score is based on your payment history, so it is imperative that you pay your bills on time. Paying late can drastically drop your credit score especially if it is a mortgage loan that is past due. This particular late payment can impact your score by 50 or 100 points! Overall, more weight is placed on your current payment history within the last 12 months.
  2. Capacity is king – 30% of your credit score is based on capacity which is how much credit you can handle. Carrying high balances relative to your limit on your credit cards, also known as maxing out your credit cards, is a bad idea. This shows lenders that you are relying heavily on credit to get by and will negatively impact your score. Ideally, you should pay off any credit card debt you charge each monthly or aim to use less than 25% of the available balance.
  3. Length of credit – 15% of your credit score is based on how long your credit has been established. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep your oldest credit card open even if it carries a zero balance. Closing credit cards that have a long credit history can negatively impact your score.

It is wise to check your credit score once a year to determine if you need to make any changes in your monthly budget or lifestyle to improve your score. Improving a bad score is possible, but it will take time and commitment on your part, which is why New Dimensions Federal Credit Union provides credit counseling to its members. If you would like more information on credit counseling services, please call Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education, at (800) 326-6190.

Visit newdimensionsfcu.com

Care & Comfort names Michelle Dixon Director of Nursing

Care & Comfort names Michelle Dixon Director of Nursing

Care & Comfort, a Waterville based Behavioral Health, Home Health and Veterans Services agency that provides care across thirteen Maine counties, has announced the appointment of Michelle Dixon, RN, BSN as the Agency’s Director of Nursing. Dixon will be responsible for the clinical oversight of Care & Comfort’s Home Health Division.

“Michelle brings a significant scope of experience to her position as Care & Comfort’s Director of Nursing,” noted the Agency’s President & COO Mike Stair. “We are delighted she has joined our C & C family and will be leading our Home Healthcare Division. She has a passion for her profession and home-based care, is an experienced clinical and administrative leader, and is committed to ensuring that all services we provide meet or exceed nationally recognized standards. Michelle is an ardent advocate for both those needing our care to remain in their homes and those who provide it.”

Dixon, who received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Southern Maine, has extensive experience in many facets of nursing including hospice, oncology, and adult mental health.

Looking to Grow Your Business in 2019?

Looking to Grow Your Business in 2019?

In the landscape of today’s business world—demand creative solutions!

At New Dimensions FCU we enable businesses to grow and prosper by providing them with the types of products and services that are not only relevant and helpful but are also considered resources and tools they can really use. Because New Dimensions was built from the ground up, the same way many of our local businesses are, we understand what it takes to build a strong and stable business and we want to do everything that we can to help others achieve the same. We believe in building relationships based on trust and consistency, but mostly because we know our business members; they are our neighbors, local grocers, dentists, and they are our friends.

As a business member of NDFCU, you become a secure part of the credit union because we take pride in fostering our knowledge and understanding of your business needs. By doing this, we are better equipped to offer the most useful resources designed to help in the places you need them most. We strive to help you with your financial planning because we value hard work and we are always looking for ways to positively impact our local economy.

Growing your business can mean anything from expansion to diversification, but often it’s about having specific technological needs that are necessary to that growth. Whatever those needs are, we have creative solutions that will assist you and your employees, by overcoming obstacles and challenges that deter production and creativity. Let us help you with products and services such as payroll, merchant services, lending solutions, IRAs, health savings accounts for your employees, and more.

If you are a business member looking for more information about the products and services that we offer, please contact our Director of Business Development, Molly Woodward, by phone at (207) 872-2771 (Ext. 2417) or by email at mwoodward@newdimensionsfcu.com.

Visit our website!

When It Comes to Fundraising…We Reach for The Stars.

When It Comes to Fundraising…We Reach for The Stars.

Something special happened within the walls of New Dimensions last year as we planned our events for 2018. During that time our team culture advanced and became strong and impactful. We stepped up, we flourished, and we succeeded together. We worked hard to gain insight into each other so that we could work together as a unified team. We wanted to be the best versions of ourselves, so we worked hard to make a difference, because we wanted you, our members, to be proud.

As always, we are committed to providing excellent member service to every single member, whether that servitude mentality is at one of our branches or out in the community, we work for you! Because we know our community needs us to be a helpful neighbor and financial partner, each year we work out the details of a yearlong plan of events that include soup days, harvest fests, book sales, a car show, and more. The passion among the entire staff, as each event is planned and executed, is not only exciting but so incredibly inspiring. Even more than that is the energy our members exude when they attend our events. We couldn’t be more thrilled and prouder of our generous and caring members who invest so much each year. Whether they are paying for 50/50 raffle tickets, a gift card calendar, or the many gifts they return to our Giving tree during Christmas each year, they know they are contributing to a much bigger cause, and they never hesitate.

Look for the hashtag #teamteal in 2019 as a representation of our commitment to being superstars in the world of volunteering and fundraising because we want to make every possible effort to ease the lives of the people in our community. We are proud of what we do to serve our members every day, and with each act of kindness we extend to our community, we make a difference.

Similarly, in 2018, NDFCU contributed to area businesses who were looking for funding that would impact the community in positive leaps and bounds. We happily supported several area schools, nursing homes, local libraries, KVCAP, the Alfond Youth Center, and more; all of which exhibited tremendous effort to help feed families in need, provide scholarships, school supplies, and winter clothing for children in need, as well as other worthy causes.

For More Info

Small Business Week Waterville – May 1 -9, 2019

Small Business Waterville celebrates small business success in the greater Waterville Area. Small Business
Waterville is presented by the Central Maine Growth Council, Harold Alfond Business Institute for Business
Innovation at Thomas College, Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce, and Waterville Public Library.
To learn more about the sessions and to register:
www.facebook.com/SmallBusinessWaterville smallbusinesswaterville.eventbrite.com


Financial Education Made for All Ages

Financial Education Made for All Ages

Nothing illustrates New Dimensions FCU’s mission to EDUCATE. EMPOWER. EVOLVE. more than our commitment to teaching members of every age.

Throughout 2018, our financial education efforts impacted the lives of nearly 1,000 members, local students, community members, and employee groups. We hosted one-on-one budgeting sessions, credit counseling sessions, and in-house seminars which allowed many of our members to pay off debt, build emergency savings, and even rebuild credit that allowed some to purchase vehicles and others to become first time home buyers.

Read More Here! 

Looking for Saving Stars!

Looking for Saving Stars!

April is National Financial Literacy Month and Credit Union Youth Month

This year we want to practice what we preach. Several employees from New Dimensions are giving up or substituting some of their favorite things, drinks, lunches, etc. in an effort to save the extra money to pay down debt.
This effort is called the Team Teal Savings Challenge and we’d like to know if you’d like to join us. The challenge starts on April 1, 2019, and ends on April 30th. Everyone will report at the end of the month to see how much money was saved. You can even get your children involved and show them that setting small goals will make a difference.
Speaking of your children, we think that with their enthusiastic imaginations, they are particularly good at dreaming. But to make dreams come true, they will need to have clear goals and, very likely, save some money to make them happen. Credit unions can help our members on both counts. Our theme for Youth Month this April is “Saving Stars.” We’re encouraging all members, under 18, to write down their dreams and then take steps to make those dreams come true. These steps could be small or big, but no matter what. it will be impactful. We are so sure this will lay the groundwork for their future success, that we are offering 2 Savings Challenges to our youngest members.
The Youth challenges are for anyone under the age of 18 who makes a deposit in April, while the Team Teal Savings Challenge is for members of any age. Please contact Tanya Verzoni to sign up.

Colby College Great Books

Great Books
July 21 – 27, 2019
For generations, participants and families have convened on the beautiful campus of Colby College to discuss great literature and share their perspectives about these works of art. The participants, who share a passion for reading, have formed a community of friends who enjoy coming together for an informal but serious discussion about various works of literary art. In addition to the adult program, Great Books also has a junior program for children and teens. This year’s theme is Memory and Consciousness.

Memory and Consciousness

During this year’s program, participants will review and discuss the following great books:

In Search of Memory by Eric Kandel
Austerlitz by W.G. Sebald
Missing Person by Patrick Modiano
Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively
Lines Written a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth
The Jilting of Granny Weatherall by Katherine Anne Porter
Clearances by Seamus Heaney
For more information or to register, contact the Office of Special Programs at summer@colby.edu or visit Great Books at Colby College.

Colby College Sports Camp

Every summer Colby College hosts a variety of sports camps which make use of our state of the art fields and athletic facilities. We offer a wide variety of camps in various sports and are committed to providing an exceptional camp experience for all participants regardless of skill level. Our camps provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn from Colby’s experienced coaching staff, to make new friends, and to experience life on our beautiful campus.

Colby’s overnight camps & day camps are directed and run by the Colby head coaches for their respective sports, but we also host external sports camps to offer a broader selection of programs. For more information or to register, contact the Office of Special Programs at summer@colby.edu or visit Colby College Sports Camps.

Health and Wellness Fairs

Health and Wellness Fairs

Does your company hold a health/wellness fair for your employees?  We would welcome the opportunityto participate in it.  We have demo bicycles and fitness products for folks to try.  We also have videos and literature on fitness and cycling. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help you with this.  Thank you, Steve (207) 356-5786

Trek Across Maine 2019

Trek Across Maine 2019

Join the American Lung Association for the 35th annual Trek Across Maine on Father’s Day Weekend – June 14 – 16th, 2019. Featuring a new route for our 35th Anniversary, cycle 180 miles across the state of Maine, with the starting and finishing line hosted at the Brunswick Landing and overnight stops at Bates College in Lewiston and Colby College in Waterville. This ride is fully supported by volunteers and trained medical staff, including support vehicles along the route and three rest stops daily.

-2 day option for those of you that can’t get away for a 3 day vacation! Join us Saturday and Sunday and enjoy the Trek experience!

-1 Day option for those that want to just experience a taste of the Trek Across Maine! Join us on Sunday for the last leg of the ride starting at Colby College!

VOLUNTEER WITH US! We are always looking for volunteers to help us support the Trek Across Maine. We have many volunteer opportunities available. Please contact Erica at 207.624.0310 or  for more information.


The Regular Route:

Day 1: Brunswick Landing to Bates College in Lewiston (approx. 60 mi) – 3 rest stops located on route

Day 2: Bates College to Colby College in Waterville (approx. 60 mi) – 3 rest stops located on route & 1 water stop

Day 3: Colby College to Brunswick Landing (approx. 60 mi) – 3 rest stops located on route & last mile staging stop

NOTE: Although we try to be consistent, mileage may vary from year to year depending on local and state construction projects.

2 Day Option

Date: June 15 – 16, 2019

Start Location: Colby College, Waterville, ME

Finish Location: Brunswick Landing, Brunswick ME

Mileage: Approx. 100 Miles

Fundraising Minimum: $400 ($300 ages 7-17)

Age Limit: 7 years and up

1 Day Option

Date: Sunday, June 16, 2019

Start Location: Colby College, Waterville, ME

Finish Location: Brunswick Landing, Brunswick ME

Mileage: Approx. 60 Miles

Fundraising Minimum: $250 ($200 ages 7-17)

Age Limit: 7 years and up


Registration is $65 registration fee.  This is non-refundable & non-transferable.  Registration fee does not count toward fundraising minimum.

3 Day Fundraising: $550 per person ($400 for ages 7 – 17)**

2 Day Fundraising: $400 per person ($300 for ages 7 – 17)**

1 Day Fundraising: $250 per person ($200 for ages 7- 17)**

** Fundraising must be submitted before the start of the ride or you will not be able aloud to ride**

For more information, visit: www.trekacrossmaine.org email  call: 207-624-0312

***Note***Age Limit is 7 years and up.  Children between the ages of 7 – 12 must ride a tandem or tag-a-long bike with adult guardian. All children under the age of 18 must have an adult guardian with them at all times on the route. Child and guardian are both required to meet the fundraising minimum.

Location Brunswick Landing

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return!

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return!

Are you receiving a tax refund this year? If so, we have 5 ideas that can positively impact your financial future!

Usually, people have good intentions, like saving it for a rainy day or paying down debt; however, many people spend it on things they’d like to have, or they simply leave it in their checking account and it slowly disappears on unnecessary items.  This year, we encourage you to make your refund work for you!

Here are 5 ideas that can help you get the most of your tax return: Read More Here!

NDFCU Contributes to Total Funds Raised

NDFCU Contributes to Total Funds Raised

This is in large part due to our Members!

presenter at MECULOn Tuesday, February 12, 2019, New Dimensions FCU had the honor of attending the Maine Credit Union League Ending Hunger campaign luncheon at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport. This special event recognizes the contributions of Maine’s credit unions made to combat hunger in the state.

We are proud and excited to announce that the 2018 Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger raised a record-setting $787,360.68 (that’s $47,333 more than last year’s total). The other exciting fact is that there was 100% participation from Maine’s credit unions again this year. Due to hard work and our fundraising efforts, NDFCU placed 22nd in total funds raised and 30th for per member contributions, which means we will receive a total of $9,202.11 to distribute to local organizations and food pantries. Yes, this means this money we raised goes back into the local community it came from.

Read More Here!

Care & Comfort and their Staff Support the Humane Society of Waterville

Care & Comfort and their Staff Support the Humane Society of Waterville

The Waterville Area Humane Society was the recipient of a gift from Care & Comfort’s Waterville Administrative Team’s Jean Fund. Since 1970 this organization has provided sanctuary, care, and humane treatment for lost or unwanted pets while helping them find their homes.

Animals arrive at HSWA for a variety of reasons. They may be found as strays running at large who have either become lost after wandering from home or have been abandoned by their owners. Some owners, for a variety of reasons, may find that they can no longer take care of their pets and surrender them to the shelter for re-homing. Through the efforts of the staff and volunteers, the shelter’s homeless guests are rehabilitated to support bonding and trust with humans, fully vetted, spayed or neutered and microchipped before being ready for adoption. For those that arrived due to deciding an outing on their own seemed like a fun idea, they too receive a safe, warm space in which to relax while waiting for their worried humans to arrive and take them home.

“As someone lucky enough to have a rescue dog in my own home, the work performed by the shelter is very close to my heart … as it is to many of our employees,” said Mike Stair, Care & Comfort’s President & COO. “It is no secret that pets add so much to our physical and mental well-being; they are loved and cherished members of our families. This committed organization and its volunteers provide shelter, food, medical care, and facilitates adoptions for so many animals each year. I praise our Waterville team who made this gift possible and chose to help give our four-legged friends a helping paw up on their journey to a new home.”

The Jeans Fund, an ongoing collaborative fundraising effort between Care & Comfort and their employees, has contributed more than $83,000 in the past ten years to community-based non-profit organizations. Every Friday staff may wear jeans to work for a donation, the agency then matches every dollar raised, and the employees of each branch select their local beneficiary semi-annually.

New Dimensions works hard to protect its members information!

New Dimensions works hard to protect its members information!

As a Branch Manager, I want you to know that New Dimensions is looking out for its members and that our staff is devoted to you as a person as well! We want you to know that when you contact us, we will be here to help you do your financial business and we will make sure your information is safe. Did you know that our staff has been trained on how to detect potential fraud, violations of financial and human rights such as elder abuse, or warning signs of human trafficking? It all falls into our “people helping people” philosophy and we are proud to be serving you for your everyday needs. We take pride in the fact that we may be able to make more than a financial impact in someone’s life by standing for what is right and protecting our members.

Got the Winter Blues?

Got the Winter Blues?

The key is finding fun, yet inexpensive, ways to pass the time until Spring arrives!

This time of year is difficult for many of us who suffer from the Winter blues. With the lack of sunshine, bitter temperatures, snow & ice, and the feeling of being “cooped up”, it can make anyone feel more than a little tense! After a conversation with Katie, my colleague in the Winslow branch, I thought it would be a great idea to create a list of no-cost activities which could make a weekend fun AND save money, too!

Here are some ideas to consider:

FREE public events – Check out the event section of local newspapers or their websites to see what free activities are happening in your community. Additionally, Facebook has an events page for your local area. Another great resource to check out is the Mid-Maine Chamber’s online event calendar.

Read More Here!

Evening Sandwich Program

Evening Sandwich Program

In 2018 the Evening Sandwich Program Soup Kitchen [ESP] at the Universalist Unitarian Church of Waterville served nearly 53,000 meals to those in need. Since its beginning in 1990, ESP has served over 730,000 meals. More than 2,200 volunteers from churches, school groups, Colby College and the community have helped prepare and serve these meals.

For more information about the sandwich program contact: mailibailey@yahoo.com smorrill29@myfairpoint.net

Vassalboro Ice Fishing Derby

Vassalboro Ice Fishing Derby

The Vassalboro Business Association wishes the best of luck to all participants in the Vassalboro Ice Fishing Derby on February 10!

Details can be found on the Chamber’s calendar: https://midmainechamber.com/cms/events/vassalboro-ice-fishing-derby/

5 “Financially Fit” Goals That We Think Einstein Would Approve Of

5 “Financially Fit” Goals That We Think Einstein Would Approve Of

Make 2019 the year you improve your financial security.

You’ve probably heard the famous quote by Albert Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Here’s one you may have not heard before by French writer and poet, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” So, if we were to combine the two quotes and stated it very simply, it might sound something like, “If you are stuck in the same old rut and want to go in a different direction, set a goal and outline a plan to get there.” 

Like millions of people, you may be tired of being in debt…Read More Here!

Planning Your Budget in 2019!

Planning Your Budget in 2019!

Living Well Depends on How Well You Plan!

Do the words, “New Year’s Resolutions” spark feelings of anxiety for you? Have you made resolutions in the past that you just couldn’t keep up with? Did you create a “How to” plan when setting those goals for yourself? According to a Business Insider survey, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, which can be mostly attributed to goal setting that is way too aggressive and a lack of planning.

If your goal is to become more financially stable in 2019, New Dimensions FCU suggests that you create a customized plan that works for you and your family. Keep in mind that one plan does not fit all families or situations. Whether it’s building a sizable savings account, paying down debt, contributing to a retirement plan or tackling costly projects, it’s easiest to start with the basics.  Here are some ideas to help you build a viable plan for your financial goals in 2019:

  • Create an effective household budget


Garmin GPS Products

Garmin GPS Products

We are now carrying a full line of Garmin GPS products, both hand held and wrist. These units are blue tooth compatible to sync with a cell phone, some have heart rate monitoring, music storage, rider to rider messaging, multi-sport features, turn by turn navigation, topo maps loaded, and more.  These units can be used for many different activities such as cycling, running, hiking, snow shoeing, kayaking, etc.

Now Stocking Snowshoes

Now Stocking Snowshoes

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking a full line of adult and children’s snowshoes and poles.  The lines we carry are MSR, Crescent Moon, and Garneau.  Please stop by to check it out.  Just in time for the holidays!

Frugality may be the key to living well!

Frugality may be the key to living well!

Do you think living a frugal life would make you feel deprived? Wait, before you think that I am going to suggest that you use rainwater to hand wash your laundry and live entirely off the grid spending only $1.00 per day……let me assure you that you don’t have to go to such extremes to make a significant dent in your expenses.

After meeting with several of our members over the past year, I found that when assisting them with their household budgets, that they would benefit from the ways I have learned to live more frugally. Here are a few principles that may help your family as well. Feel free to evaluate these tips by yourself or discuss them as a family:

Choose your splurge category: When I evaluate and make suggestions about a member’s budgeting expenses, I ask specific questions to determine what they really don’t want to live without.  Perhaps their main social activity is dining out, or it’s having an extensive wardrobe, or it could just be that getting a coffee at a local coffee shop is their “can’t live” without daily routine. Individually these spending categories could fit into your budget, but you may realize your budget cannot support them all. Pick one category that you don’t want to live without and reduce or eliminate your spending on the others.

Eat simply and healthy:  There are thousands, possibly millions, of web pages that offer recipes using few (3 to 5) ingredients or less. Try searching some of these pages for inspiration on how to make meals for less. Also, encourage everyone in your household to eat what is in the refrigerator, cupboard, or pantry first before going grocery shopping again. Buying seasonal produce, shopping sales and using store reward programs can also save you money on groceries.

Prioritize experiences over “stuff”: To live a more decluttered and frugal life, my husband and I started organizing our home by selling or getting rid of stuff that we no longer need or value. It’s a liberating experience! We live by the following mantra, “If we will not use it frequently and it doesn’t bring us happiness, it doesn’t come into our house.” Instead of collecting “stuff,” collect memories! Plan low-cost activities with your family and snap a few photos as a keepsake. A fun afternoon activity can give you more long-term happiness than any “have to have” item that typically ends up at a future yard sale anyway.

Spend time with frugal people: If you have family or friends that like to live the “high roller” lifestyle, it can be detrimental to your budget as you strive to “keep up with the Joneses.” Consider having an honest conversation with family and friends who suggest expensive dining restaurants, sporting events or shopping trips and let them know that though you love spending time with them, you need to keep your financial goals in mind, too. Perhaps you could offer less expensive ideas that fit within your budget.

Set aside a few “guilt-free” dollars:  Once you have a handle on your budget (and be sure to call me if you need help), it’s important that you identify a specific amount of money slated just for you, as well as the other members in your household, and label those funds as “guilt-free” dollars. This can be as little as $2.00 per week to spend on a treat, snack or some other guilty pleasure. It gives you and other family members the flexibility to choose how the money is spent without guilt because those specific dollars are not allocated to other household expenses. Here’s the kicker though…once that designated amount is spent for the week, you’re done spending until the next week. Period! It’s tough at first, but it gets easier, I promise!

Living frugally is not a bad thing, it’s just about balance. If you need a little helping getting your budget in balance, please email me at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com, or call me at (207) 313-5924. I’d be glad to help!

Until next time ~


Name Change Announcement

Name Change Announcement

We are excited to announce that Capitol Computers is changing its name to Unlimited Technology, effective September 1, 2018.

You will continue to receive the same great service and dedication to excellence you’ve come to rely on, now as Unlimited Technology. As part of our continued commitment to providing end to end security services to our clients, we will be adding to the services we already offer, including Cyber Security and Exero services.

Unlimited Technology was started in 1989 and has become a fully integrated solutions provider. Our owners and top managers have over 90 years of expertise in the security and technology industries. We have multiple offices throughout the country, and acquired Capitol Computers in 2015, which now serves as our Maine office.

We look forward to continuing to manage your technology needs so you can manage your business.

Treat your Mortgage like the guy (or gal) you pay first!

Treat your Mortgage like the guy (or gal) you pay first!

And don’t allow fear to rule your finances! If you’re delinquent in your mortgage payments — or expect to be — the best thing to do is to contact your mortgage servicer right away.

While it can be stressful to contact your lender, early communication puts you in a positive light. Foreclosure is very costly for a lender, and they would generally prefer to help you get back on track to keep your home. When contacting your lender be honest. Describe your situation and know how much money you have available to make payments – do not agree to a payment that is not feasible with your current budget. As you work with your lender, you’ll find that there are several options to consider that will make it easier to bring your loan current:

Reinstatement – This is a lump sum payment that brings your account current by paying everything you owe including missed payments and fees.

Forbearance – The lender agrees to a lower payment or no payment for a short period of time in return for higher payments thereafter or an extended loan term.

Repayment Plan – Under a written agreement, you pay more than the minimum monthly payment (over a short time period) to bring the account up to date.

Loan Modification – A permanent change to one or more of the terms of the loan including the interest rate, type of mortgage, or extending the time to pay the mortgage balance.

As a member of New Dimensions Federal Credit Union, you can take advantage of the GreenPath Financial Wellness program, a free financial education, and counseling program.  GreenPath counselors are available Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. (EST), Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. To use this new service, simply call (877) 337-3399, visit www.greenpathref.com, or you may contact Tanya Verzoni, NDFCU’s Director of Financial Education at (207) 872-2771 during normal business hours.  At New Dimensions, it is our goal and mission to assist while you successfully navigate your financial journey.

Community Sexual Health Resource

Community Sexual Health Resource

Treasure Chest II is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the Center For Sexual Pleasure & Health (CSPH) for completion of their Community Sexual Health Resource courses.

We now have 2 retail associates certified to advise customers on a wide variety of subjects concerning sexual health, and wellbeing including:  Pleasure-Focused Anatomy, Safer Sex, and Sexual Difficulties along with several other subjects concerning sexual health.  Stop on by and check out what we have to offer.

New Dimension’s Targets Area Schools This Year

The importance of personal finance at a young age…

The start of a new school year is underway and New Dimensions Federal Credit Union (NDFCU) is excited to be a part of the financial education that your child receives this year. They have prepared new lesson plans for students in kindergarten through senior year of high school, that will be presented as they visit classrooms throughout Kennebec and Somerset counties.

Recently, the Financial Director of Education of NDFCU attended a boot camp with teachers and educators from around the Central Maine region learning fun, innovative ways to teach personal finance to high school students in a way they can understand and relate into their current situations. NDFCU’s mission is to find ways that work for all ages while preparing those who are just beginning to face the challenges that come with adulthood. The boot camp was conducted by NextGen Personal Finance. * (NGPF) representatives who shared results from their nationwide survey of 13 million students across 11,000 high schools to find out how many students had access to financial education in America today. Sadly, the results showed that only 1 in 6 students received financial education, 1 in 12 for low-income schools, and only 5 states in the US have personal finance coursework as a statewide mandate—Maine was not one of them! The reality for Maine students is that less than 10 percent have a personal finance graduation requirement. Additionally, several studies showed that the younger the students were when introduced to budgeting techniques and good credit habits, the more likely they were to become financially secure adults able to avoid costly mistakes and life-long consequences.

This school year, NDFCU encourages you to take the time to ask your child’s guidance counselor, teachers or school administrators if personal finance classes are available to your child. If he/she is not able to access adequate financial education, or, if you are an educator in Kennebec or Somerset counties and would like some assistance in bringing energetic and customizable lessons to your classroom, we invite you to contact our Director of Financial Education, Tanya Verzoni, today! As part of its mission, New Dimensions is committed to educating its members (all ages) with personal finance guidance and best practices. Class offerings include the importance of saving money, needs versus wants, budgeting basics, understanding credit, how to buy a car and many other topics that would help your student(s) further their education. Also, you’re invited to register for our monthly newsletter by visiting www.newdimensionsfcu.com and clicking on the registration link at the bottom of our homepage. Our newsletter and social media pages will keep you informed of our FREE evening seminars that are open to credit union members and non-members alike, which will tackle such topics as budgeting, understanding credit, first-time homebuyer tips, home energy savings and more!

It’s never too early, or too late, to receive solid financial advice. Please feel free to contact Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education, at (207) 872-2771 or at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.  We are committed to helping you have a profitable future. 

*Next Gen Personal Finance is a non-profit organization that connects educators with free resources, professional development, and advocacy tools in order to equip students with the knowledge and skills to lead financially successful and fulfilling lives.

Let’s Shine a Light on Domestic Violence

Let’s Shine a Light on Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time where we shine a light on this very large but often hidden issue that greatly impacts our families, friends, and communities. We are asking you to join us by putting purple lights in your storefront window. Let’s show our community that we support survivors and hold those who use violence accountable. 

To show your support, contact the Family Violence Project at 620-9043. For $20.00, you will receive a string of purple lights to display in your window and a small poster that explains the meaning of the lights as well as our helpline information. 

Together, we can end domestic violence.

Family Violence Project Volunteer Training This Fall in Waterville!

Family Violence Project Volunteer Training This Fall in Waterville!

Are you a good listener?

Are you comfortable talking on the phone?

Do you have a passion for helping others?

If you answered yes to these questions, we have an opportunity that may be perfect for you!

Family Violence Project has an ongoing need for volunteer advocates to help answer our 24-Hour Helpline for those affected by domestic violence. As a volunteer advocate on the helpline, you will make a difference in people’s lives by volunteering once a month from the comfort of your home. Do you worry that you won’t know what to say? Family Violence Project offers a free training that prepares you for this volunteer role; also, a staff person will always be available to assist you by phone while you are volunteering. Participants in the training will learn about the complex issue of domestic violence, the staff and services of Family Violence Project, and how to talk with callers and help them create safety plans. Although successful completion of our training is required for this volunteer role, no other experience is necessary.

Family Violence Project’s next volunteer training will be held in Waterville Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting September 18th. If you are interested in participating in this training and volunteer opportunity, you must be 18 years of age or older, complete a volunteer interview, and pass background / reference checks prior to being accepted into the training. Volunteer interviews must be completed by the end of the business day on Tuesday, September 11th. While the training itself is free of charge, we ask for a $25 donation from those who are financially able to provide it; this will help cover the cost of background checks. The inability to make a donation will not prevent a person from participating in this opportunity!

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity or schedule an interview, please contact Jaime Mooney (Advocacy Director) at 207-620-9044 or jaimeg@familyviolenceproject.org.

What DO you want to do with your life?

What DO you want to do with your life?

Figuring it out may not be as hard as you may think!

Earning an income is a critical element in any household whether you are a single occupant or are blessed with a large family. We believe true financial freedom begins when you can successfully earn a paycheck while fulfilling your dreams and goals—all while enjoying the work you did to earn that pay!

Remember when you were a young child and many of your family members or educators often asked you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” As a child, the answer may have been clear, and you could immediately answer that question with an array of answers from Superman to a Fireman or woman. As you got older, your experiences and preferences may have changed your ideal job choices, with more mature thoughts about what you would really like to do. By the time you graduated high school, decided to perhaps attend college or a university, you may have changed your mind so many times you found yourself a bit confused about what you wanted to do “when you grew up”. Where do you go from there? What DO you want to do? It can be frustrating, but you are not alone, some people in their 40’s and 50’s still cannot definitively answer that question and struggle in jobs that are not fulfilling. That doesn’t have to be your future.

Read More Here!

Now offering Enchanted Herbs & Teas Brand Teas and Tisanes

We are now offering Enchanted Herbs & Tea brand loose leaf teas and tisanes! Our teas and tisanes are available prepackaged and in bulk. We have many flavors of loose leaf teas available and are sure to have one to suit your taste. These teas are available in our shop in Waterville, Maine and online. You may also stop in and “try before you buy” any of our bulk teas. We will cheerfully prepare in our tea room/cafe a cup of any flavor tea for you to purchase so that you may try it before you buy it.

Oakland Dental Team helped Served over 1000 patients during Mission Trip To Guatemala

Oakland Dental Team helped Served over 1000 patients during Mission Trip To Guatemala

Dr. Rebecca Berry and dental hygienist, Laura McCaslin of Lakes Region Dental in Oakland, recently completed a weeklong dental mission trip to Guatemala, where 75% of the population lives below the poverty line and have extremely limited access to dental services.

Dr. Berry and Laura traveled with 35 other dental providers from across the United States and Canada to Guatemala City to provide dental care to some of the poorest citizens in the city. Over the course of the week, they were able to provide care to over 1000 Guatemalans including several hundred children.

Register for the Mainebiz New Ventures/Startup Forum on August 21st!

Join us August 21 at the Mainebiz New Ventures / Entrepreneurs & Startup Forum!

This Mainebiz forum is designed to help and inspire entrepreneurs who want to startup, grow and be successful in business. Attendees will gain insight and connect with resources in the Maine that support the startup and entrepreneur business community.

The forum with feature 10 Best Ideas for Startups and Entrepreneurs; a panel discussion with Maine CEOs who will share their best ideas and advice from their startup experience. Attendees will also be able to choose two workshop sessions, from a selection of six, that will cover topics from; how to setup your company, financing your company (traditional and non-traditional), Recruiting and retaining the right employees, and what you need to know about logistics, shipping and exports.


7:30am – 8:30am – Registration, Networking & Breakfast

8:30am – 9:30am – 10 Best Ideas For Startups and Entrepreneurs

10:00am – 11:00am – Workshop Sessions 1

11:00am – 12:00am – Workshop Sessions 2

12:00-1:00pm – Buffet Lunch & Keynote Address

To register or for more info visit Mainebiz.biz/NVF


Now Serving Iced and Frozen Matcha Lattes and Other Specialty Beverages

Now Serving Iced and Frozen Matcha Lattes and Other Specialty Beverages

Enchanted Herbs & Teas is pleased to announce an expansion to our tea bar.  In addition to the addition of cafe tables, we are now offering iced and frozen specialty drinks such as Yerba Mate Lattes, Matcha Lattes and a myriad of other tea and coffee drinks available to drink inside or take on the go.  We will be adding outdoor cafe tables in the near future.

Mike Stair Named President

Mike Stair Named President

Care & Comfort, a Waterville based Behavioral Health and Home Health agency that provides care across thirteen Maine counties, has announced the appointment of Michael Stair to President along with his current role as COO.

In this position, Stair will be responsible for directing all aspects of the agency. Susan D. Giguere, Chair and CEO made the announcement saying “I am pleased to announce Mike’s promotion. He is a proven, innovative leader with a wealth of expertise in our field. Since 2015, his leadership has been instrumental to our successfully navigating the ever-present changes and challenges in today’s healthcare environment. I have been very impressed with not only his business acumen but also his collaborative leadership approach. He shares my belief that our staff is Care & Comfort and that every employee is to be valued, inspired, and provided with opportunities for growth. His leadership experience and passion for excellence in care have strengthened our agency; I am thrilled Mike will be guiding C & C with his forward-thinking vision while shaping our future.”

A native of Texas, Stair earned his MBA and BBA from Stephen F. Austin State University. He has lived in Maine since 1994 and has over 30 years of financial, IT, operational, and executive management experience, much of which is in healthcare. In 2001, he joined Seniors Plus/Elder Independence of Maine in Lewiston, where he served for nine years. Following his tenure at EIM, Mike became COO of a company that provides direct home healthcare services. He also provided executive management consulting and contract C-level services for firms in various industries for over 15 years. He joined Care & Comfort as Chief Operating Officer in 2015.

What Does Hunger Look Like in Maine?

What Does Hunger Look Like in Maine?

How often does one think about where their next meal is coming from? Was there ever a time when you hit the grocery store and you feared not having the money to pay for the contents of your cart? Did you know that children experience developmental impairments, such as language and motor skill deficiencies, when they are without the nourishment they require?

Feeding our communities is not an endeavor that can be taken care of entirely by one person, one company or organization or even one city or town. It is the collective effort of entire communities throughout the state that can make the necessary impact food insecure families so desperately need. The painful truth is that the statistics are so overwhelming that it’s hard to imagine that everyone will be fed and well-nourished this year! In fact, according to Feedingamerica.org, Maine reports that 1 in 7 people struggles with hunger, 1 in 5 children struggles with hunger, and it would take $108,086,000 more per year to meet their food needs. This is based on a $3.45 per meal estimate taken in 2016 (two years ago)!! Think about the last time you visited Hannaford or Shaws and walked out thinking about how much money you spent for the very little you brought home. Seriously, 3 bags can equate to $70 depending on what you get or how healthy you eat. That is why, at New Dimensions FCU, we work tirelessly to raise money to help alleviate the stress that adults and children endure when there is a shortage of food.

Each year we hold numerous bake sales, harvest fests, holiday pie sales, book sales, bottle drives, raffles, and many other events in our attempt to raise as much money as we can toward Maine’s Ending Hunger Campaign. And we certainly do not do this alone; we have a tremendous number of members who happily donate to our cause and some even donate without buying anything—they do it because they want to help!

In 2017, NDFCU raised nearly $5,000 to help end hunger and are pleased to announce that we have distributed all the money raised right here in our own local communities. This year’s recipients were those organizations that have food programs in place. Among the awarded are The Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, Spectrum Generations, The Waterville Food Bank, The Augusta Food Bank, and Bread of Life in Augusta.  This money will ensure the continuance of these very necessary food programs in our local area.

We are at it again this year and with the merger of Taconnet, we have even more staff and members to contribute to our mission. To help raise money in 2018 for our 2019 awardees, follow us on Facebook or visit our website for updates on our fundraisers or if you’d like to suggest a new fundraiser you’d like to see, contact us at info@newdimensionsfcu.com.

Be a part of the solution by making tomorrow’s community well-fed, healthier, and a time when the words “food insecure” no longer have meaning in the lives of our children.

Free Milkshakes

Free Milkshakes

Free milkshakes! Like to win. Starting on May 14th our “Summer Shake Up” milkshake promo gets underway. Make sure to like our Facebook posts for your chance to win free milkshakes. Redeemable at the Snack Shack in Skowhegan. If the temps reach 75 degrees people will start winning. Winners will be chosen at random on the following day from post likes on the post from that day. Be sure to check in and like the posts daily. With the help of Meteorologist Todd Simcox, we will be using the official tempertaures posted by the National Weather Service, Bangor site. Check or Facebook page daily and just click like and hope for warm temps for your chance to win.

7 tips that will make your next vehicle purchase less stressful!

7 tips that will make your next vehicle purchase less stressful!

Because Buying a New Car Should Be Fun!!

Springtime is a very popular season for people to buy new automobiles and motorcycles. If you are in the market for a new car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, reading these tips can save you money and prevent buyer’s remorse!

  1. Before heading to the dealership, KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE! If you haven’t reviewed your credit report in a while, you should! Viewing your credit report can be done by visiting annualcreditreport.com (one free report per year) or by visiting one of our four convenient locations. Your credit score determines the rate you will pay for a loan or lease.
  2. Get PRE-QUALIFIED for a vehicle loan at New Dimensions Federal Credit Union! Before you begin shopping for a vehicle, we can help you determine a payment that fits into your monthly budget. Plus, you will know how much you can afford to spend for the vehicle including tax, title, etc. This will help you determine which vehicle to buy and what you can realistically afford. You can even apply for a loan on our website.

Read More Here! 

International awards

International awards

Tree Spirits’ Limoncello and Absinthe Verte were both winners at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition in April. Limoncello was awarded a bronze and Absinthe a silver. We’re happy to report that all of our spirits — Applejack, Pear Brandy, Knotted Maple, Limoncello, Absinthe Verte — have now won awards in either/both San Francisco and New York international spirits competitions. 

Financial Education is Key to Living Successfully!

Financial Education is Key to Living Successfully!

Learning to be financially literate is often left to a series of trial and error lessons as we journey through life. In some instances, making ill-informed decisions can cost thousands of dollars not to mention years of stress and uncertainty.

At New Dimensions FCU, it is our goal to increase our communities’ financial knowledge so that people are equipped with the tools needed to make sound financial decisions throughout their lifetime. Whether it’s drafting a monthly budget, reviewing a credit report and discussing ways to improve a score, buying a vehicle, or understanding the mortgage process, our staff is committed to teaching best practices and being a long-term education resource to our members and the communities we serve.

Over the past year, our staff has educated members in various financial classes and seminars; as well as at Financial Fitness Fairs held at local high schools in Augusta, Waterville, Winslow, and Oakland. Similarly, NDFCU has visited local businesses such as Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education, Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, and other organizations to educate their employees with relevant topics from our new “Eat, Learn & Prosper” Series. Additionally, we have added free evening seminars offered at our Waterville branch where both members and non-members can receive education on important topics such as Identity Theft Protection and Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score. Our 2018 educational seminars will focus on creating effective household budgets, understanding credit and avoiding pitfalls, car buying, home buying and more. All seminars will be announced through our newsletter, social media, and other marketing efforts.

To request an individual, confidential financial counseling appointment or to inquire about

upcoming group seminars, please contact Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education, at (207) 313-5924 or by email at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.

Together, we can help you reach your financial goals and dreams!

New Dimensions FCU announces winner of the 2018 Scholarship!

New Dimensions FCU announces winner of the 2018 Scholarship!

New Dimensions FCU Awards Temple Academy Student $1,000 Scholarship!

Each year, New Dimensions FCU awards a scholarship to a deserving high school senior that demonstrates strong character, community involvement, and academic success.

This year we received many applications from students, therefore it was a difficult task to determine which student would be awarded the funding. After much deliberation, the New Dimensions Scholarship Committee has selected a student who has made great academic and personal choices. We are pleased to announce that Micah Riportella has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 New Dimensions Federal Credit Union College Scholarship in the amount of $1,000!

Mr. Riportella is planning on attending Emmanuel College in Boston in the fall, where he will major in Biology and Business Law. Additionally, he will study abroad, while teaching English as a second language. We wish him the best of luck in all of his educational endeavors while paving his way to a very promising future.

Ryan Poulin, CEO states, “At New Dimensions, we understand the power of education and we couldn’t be happier to assist our younger generations. All students who graduate high school and plan on attending school in the fall are eligible to participate. This is one way of the many ways we are able to contribute to the communities we serve.”

For more information, contact us at (800) 326-6190 or email info.newdimensionsfcu.com.

People Helping People is our Business at New Dimensions Federal Credit Union

People Helping People is our Business at New Dimensions Federal Credit Union

Because of the importance of our commitment to be a good community neighbor, we offer resources for worthy causes that maintain and improve the local communities that we serve. Whether we provide funding to students, businesses, or other non-profits that strive to positively impact area students, families, and organizations, we are proud to support our community.

In an ideal world, everyone has enough to eat, a place to sleep, warm protective clothing to wear in the winter—especially our tough Maine winters. Sadly, this is not the case in our community or any other community for that matter. This crisis is prevalent in every corner of our world and we are committed to helping the people we live near and do business with. We are your neighbor, your friend, your financial partner and we work hard to raise the money needed to provide funding for dire needs such as shelter, food, and clothing. In response to those challenges, we regularly offer donations to organizations such as Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter, local area food pantries, and other organizations who are full heartedly impacting the well-being of individuals and families in our local community.

Additionally, NDFCU holds several fundraisers throughout the year that raise the money needed to directly benefit three organizations; Maine Children’s Cancer Program (MCCP), Maine Special Olympics, and Ending Hunger in Maine Campaign. Together in 2017, we raised more than $23,888.66 toward our goal to help people in need!

It goes without saying that the New Dimensions FCU fundraising achievements are a direct reflection of the generosity of our members and it would also not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers.

New Dimensions Encourages Our Youth to Save Their Money

New Dimensions Encourages Our Youth to Save Their Money

National Credit Union Youth Month starts April 1!

New Dimensions FCU would like to know, what kind of saver is your child? One who gladly saves money, or do you have to formulate a creative scientific plan to get him or her to put money away?

Every saver is unique, but most people who save regularly develop the habit early in life. Teach your children how to save by learning to delay gratification in order to save for long-term goals. This is a crucial life skill that NDFCU is committed to helping our youngest members develop. You can help get your children into the habit by having them cut out pictures of something they’d like to have someday and post the images where they’ll see them often. Then help them open a savings account at New Dimensions FCU. You can open an account with as little as $5. Encourage your child to make regular small deposits each week. Tell them their money will earn interest while it’s in their account. If they keep this routine going, they’ll quickly see their savings grow.

We can help too! Beginning April 1….

Read More Here!

40 years – A Reflection

40 years – A Reflection

On February 21, 1978 a small group of women in the Augusta area signed the Articles of Incorporation for Family Violence Assistance Project. In Maine and across the country activists were mobilizing to create a safety net for victims of domestic violence through provision of comprehensive direct advocacy with and on behalf of survivors, including shelter, support groups, and crisis intervention. They sought to “educate and inform… of the needs and the critical problems of battered spouses, and of the social forces and attitudes which contribute to the problem.” Forty years later, we continue the work. Our efforts are supported by strong coalitions and committed individuals. Forty years later, almost 50% of homicides in Maine are those perpetrated by a current or former intimate partner, dating partner, or family member. Safety and peace in our homes is possible. And we believe it will take our entire community to make this happen.

Throughout the coming year, Family Violence Project will recognize and remember. We are a hard working group of committed advocates: Board, Staff, and Volunteers. We shall celebrate, yes; because without joy and connection, there will never be change. Ours is humble work, and earnest; and we lean into it for a journey much longer than we knew in our earlier years. We hope you will follow our postings, our newsletter, and our activities throughout the year. We hope you will join us, in whatever way makes most sense for you.

Lets take a moment to honor those who have survived abuse, to appreciate the growth from surviving to thriving for so many, and to acknowledge that too many lives have been stolen. And it is an opportunity for FVP to reflect on our role in helping to create our vision of a community where violence is unacceptable and people treat each other with respect and to move our mission to End Domestic Abuse in Kennebec and Somerset counties.

Important Notice to New Dimensions FCU Members…

Important Notice to New Dimensions FCU Members…

As a result of Taconnet Federal Credit Union merging with New Dimensions Federal Credit Union, certain systems will be unavailable, for a period of time, because of the conversion.

  • Remote Deposit Capture (depositing a check with your phone app) will be unavailable for use on Thursday, March 29 at 5:00 p.m. until Monday, April 2 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking, and Teller-Phone (audio response) will be unavailable from Friday, March 30 at 6:30 p.m. until Monday, April 2 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Bill Pay will be unavailable on Friday, March 30 at 6:30 p.m. until Monday, April 2 at 10:00 a.m. All existing payees and payments will be available after April 2 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Access to balance inquiries or transfers at the ATM will be unavailable from Friday, March 30 at 4:00 p.m. until Monday, April 2 at 10:00 a.m.
  • Shared Branching will be unavailable from Friday, March 30th at 6:30 pm until Monday, April 2nd at 8:00 am.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this merger. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Are you Ready for a Vacation?

Are you Ready for a Vacation?
8 simple steps to taking your dream vacation this year!

Snow and sub-freezing temperatures will soon give way to sunny days and warm breezes, which carry the melodic songs of the Spring robins. While we are waiting for the beautiful weather to arrive, you could start saving for Summer and Fall vacations or stay-cations!

Family Violence Project Volunteer Training Being Offered This Spring!

Family Violence Project Volunteer Training Being Offered This Spring!

We are looking for volunteers who would like to be trained as Helpline Advocates. In this role, you would be part of the team that answers our 24 hour helpline for those affected by domestic violence. Once trained, you would volunteer from the comfort of your home! Our next volunteer training begins on April 3rd in Augusta. For more information contact Jaime at 207-620-9044, or check out the training announcement on our website. We hope to hear from you!


Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame Resistant Clothing

We now sell FR clothing! You asked for it and we listened. We have teamed up with the Fechheimer company and now offer their line of Justin Flame Resistant clothing. If you know anyone who works with power or in a bucket please spread the word. We have some in stock, but ther deliveries are very quick. Call or email with any questions.

Are You Throwing Money Out The Window?

When we are grocery shopping, looking for a new sweater in a department store, or even buying a new electronic gadget; we may take the time to read online reviews, perform side by side comparisons, and even use apps to find a better deal. But, when it comes to things like mortgage, home equity loans, house or vehicle insurance, credit card interest rates, cell phone plans, television/cable services, or even banking services such as checking accounts, some people RARELY shop around for a better deal.  Perhaps it’s because these things seem like too big of a chore to tackle in an already crazy schedule? Maybe it’s because we are uncomfortable with change? Whatever the reason, I am hoping I can convince you to make the time to shop around for these products and services because THERE ARE HUGE SAVINGS TO BE HAD IN THESE CATEGORIES!

If I handed you $200, $300 or even $500 would that be meaningful to you? 


25th Annual Polar Bear Dip raises over $16K

25th Annual Polar Bear Dip raises over $16K

Thanks to incredible sponsors T-Mobile, Hannaford and MaineGeneral, prize donors Day’s Jewelers and Marden’s, and all our incredible Dippers, Pledgers and volunteers we raised over $16,000 Saturday morning, which is a 25% increase over 2017!

Special thanks to Tony Tuell, Cliff Hannon, Mike Webber, Jasmine Webber and the rest of the Silver Street team for not only raising the most money but enlisting the matching support of our Governor, Paul LePage!

What a GREAT community!  Thank you all!

New Dimensions takes steps to educate its members

New Dimensions takes steps to educate its members

GreenPath Financial Wellness ~ A viable choice in today’s financial economy.

 Because many of us didn’t receive adequate financial education when we were in school, there wasn’t an outlined plan on how to create monthly budgets, consolidate and pay off credit card debt, restructure student loan debt, or buy our first home. Now as adults, we are expected to figure it all out? What if we make the wrong choices?

 As a member of New Dimensions Federal Credit Union (NDFCU), we have resources to help you navigate through all expected, as well as unexpected, financial challenges. While we still counsel members in our local branches, NDFCU also partners with GreenPath Financial Wellness, one of the largest and most respected non-profit financial wellness and credit counseling organizations in the nation. It was an easy choice as GreenPath is fully capable of providing expert financial advice to our members at a low cost or in some cases, for free! In fact, NDFCU is one of only two credit unions in Maine to offer this resource to its members. 

When you are referred to a certified GreenPath expert, you can rest easy knowing that all calls are confidential, member names and the nature of the call are not shared with credit union employees at any time. We want you to feel free to discuss your financial challenges knowing that your caring GreenPath counselor will listen objectively and will, in turn, provide you with customized solutions and strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

Certified experts at GreenPath can assist you with free debt counseling, which includes a step-by-step debt management plan that can put a stop to collection calls, lower interest rates, and save you money. Additionally, they can review your credit report with you and will provide realistic goals on how to improve your score.

GreenPath’s Housing Services Department can provide the support you need to get you back on track with missed mortgage payments or help you determine if a home equity loan is right for you. If you are still renting, but looking to buy a home, they can help you navigate through the home buying process with easy to understand financial resources. 

Another service that GreenPath offers is Student Loan Counseling. Their student loan councilors will review your loan repayment options, which can potentially postpone or lower your payments. They will clearly define each one of your options so that you can make the best possible decision.

As a client of GreenPath, you’ll have 24/7 access to their website, blogs, newsletters, financial education videos, and webinars so that you can continue to learn more and reach all your financial goals. Make financial stress and uncertainty a thing of past by allowing NDFCU to provide you with the assistance you need. We urge you to take advantage of GreenPath Financial Wellness today! Contact us at info@newdimensinsfcu.com for more details.

KVCC Culinary Arts Bistro Thursdays

KVCC Culinary Arts Bistro Thursdays

International Bistro


Our own culinary students will be preparing international cuisine for purchase on the following dates. Please be aware that we take cash and checks only.



International Cuisine

Thursdays from February 15th to April 26th ~ 1:30pm to 4:30pm

These dates are subject to cancelation due to weather. Please check for updates by  following our culinary Instagram @kvccculinary



Serving you from:

KVCC Harold Alfond Campus

676 Skowhegan Road, Hinckley, ME 04944

Averill, Room 110

Demonstration Kitchen

Orders ready for pick up also at this location

Cost: Entrees run from $5 to $7 per person

Please follow us on Instagram @kvccculinary for specials and updates


Please feel free to dine with us in a casual setting or take your meal to go. You may order in advance only on Thursdays starting at 1pm by calling us at 207-453-3683. We are able to hold your order until 5pm for pick up. Please make sure to give your name and a number to reach you at when giving your order.

Are you protected from Identity Theft?

5 Important things to do today!

There have been a few occasions in my life that I have left my purse behind at a doctor’s appointment, misplaced my debit card, or left my cell phone at a restaurant. When I realize that my important personal item is missing, I go into panic mode accompanied by shaky hands, a tingly tongue, and even cold sweats! Please say you have misplaced a similar item, too? That would make me feel better about my previous absent-minded episodes. The reason most people freak out when misplacing one of these items is that we have read or heard of horrible identity theft stories in the news or perhaps we personally know someone that has been a victim. Statistics state that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America with a new victim every 19 minutes. Even more startling is the fact that 32% of crimes are committed by relatives*!

Recently, I had the pleasure of leading a free identity theft prevention seminar in the lobby of our Waterville branch. Here are a few takeaways that could help prevent YOU from becoming the next victim…

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10 Ways to Score Big After Christmas

10 Ways to Score Big After Christmas

Many people shop after Christmas sales for deep discounts on holiday wrapping paper, decorations, and greeting cards. That’s a good idea, but there are MORE savings to be had during this time, too. Here are 10 items that you can find marked down by 50%, 75% or more..

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dwell: at home in the gallery – an interactive exhibition + creative exploration Presented by Common Street Arts January 10 – February 10, 2018

dwell: at home in the gallery – an interactive exhibition + creative exploration Presented by Common Street Arts January 10 – February 10, 2018

Common Street Arts, the programmatic arm of Waterville Creates!, is pleased to present dwell: at home in the gallery, an interactive exhibition and creative exploration at Common Street Arts from January 10 – February 10, 2018. dwell is an interactive exhibition designed to foster community, conversation, and creativity. Each week has different programs and activities taking place in the gallery designed to encourage participation and leisurely creative exploration; for a list of all the scheduled projects and programs, visit http://www.commonstreetarts.org. Friends and family can share in the fun, playing delightful 20th and 21st century board games; There will be antioxidant tea workshops and tarot readings and art-making activities. Fight the winter blues by lounging under sunlamps, join us for snow sculpting in Castonguay Square, and experience a room-sized camera obscura!  During dwell, the Common Street Arts will be transformed into intriguing domestic scenarios to encourage creative exploration. Bring your family, bring a friend, or just bring a great book – and prepare to be at home in the gallery.Featured events during dwell at Common Street Arts:Making Immune System Tea with Malcolm Porter of Enchanted Herbs + Teas Saturday, January 13 @ 1:00 pmarot Readings with Enchanted Herbs + Teas Saturday, January 13 @ 1:00 – 3:00pm Playing Games with Joel Goggin of Spellbound Saturday, January 13 @ 12:00 – 5:00pm Donate Musical Instrument Day & Discussion w/ Guitar/Violin builders Dennis Patkus & Harry Richter Saturday, January 20 @ 1:00 – 4:00pm Stories of Waterville’s fascinating Past with Jessica Graham Saturday, January 27 @ 1:00 – 3:00pm Make a Blanket for Someone Who Needs a Hug Saturday, February 3 @ 1:00 – 3:00pm Children’s Maker Space Saturday, February 10 @ 12:00 – 3:00pmThe Common Street Arts gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00 – 5:00pm. The gallery is closed Sunday through Tuesday. To learn more about the dwell: at home in the gallery interactive exhibition and creative exploration at Common Street Arts, visit: http://commonstreetarts.com/event/into-the-forest-flora-fauna-lichen-moss-works-by-barbara-sullivan-and-juliet-karelsen/ or http://www.commonstreetarts.org About Waterville Creates!. Waterville Creates! is a non-profit on a mission to promote, support, and grow greater Waterville’s arts and cultural scene. Collaborating with regional arts and culture institutions and their supporters, together we are strengthening our community as a vibrant creative center, increasing access to creative opportunities. Learn more at http://www.WatervilleCreates.org

New Dimensions FCU places their money on Financial Education

Central Maine’s community can expect to see New Dimensions FCU educating its residents the importance of financial Security!

A new study just released by the National Credit Union Foundation reveals that 58 percent of credit union members are struggling financially, while only about half practice healthy financial habits. These numbers reflect members of all ages and income levels.  This doesn’t come as news to Ryan Poulin, President & CEO of New Dimensions Federal Credit Union (NDFCU), as he notes, “We have been providing financial education services to our members and participating local schools for several years now. The demand for this financial education is very high and we are committed to helping our members achieve their financial goals. Similarly, our hope is that by equipping our young members with real-world financial groundwork, their financial futures will be positively impacted.

With the lack of personal financial education in school curriculums, New Dimensions has increased their efforts in financial literacy by hiring a Director of Financial Education, whose focus is primarily on providing local students in Kennebec and Somerset counties. Additionally, members are offered seminars and classes that teach them budgeting basics such as creating a budget, understanding credit and how it impacts their finances, and tips on buying a car. Tanya Verzoni, Director of Financial Education, works with students at Waterville, Winslow, and Messalonskee High Schools, as well as younger students at George J. Mitchell School and Girl Scouts of America.

Tanya helped our troop understand the difference between needs and wants and how to save money for the future. The presentation helped our troop earn their literacy badge and the girls in Troop #1557 have a new look on what is or isn’t needed. Tanya was able to include all ages and levels and encouraged interactions throughout her discussion. We all loved the stories and games! We look forward to working with her again,” stated Brenda Achorn, Troop Leader. Jason Pellerin, JMG Specialist at Messalonskee High School added, “Tanya’s presentation style was informative and engaging, she uses real-life examples and humor to connect with the students. The subject matter discussed is so important to everyday living after high school. The ‘What is a Credit Score’ presentation may be one of the most ‘real-life’ one-hour lessons a high school student may receive.

Tanya states that she loves working with students noting, “I never had classes in school about understanding credit, the dangers of credit cards, best practices of buying a car, or even basic budgeting. As an adult, I guess I just tried to figure it out as I went along, which was pretty scary at times. As adults, we’ve all made some mistakes with money and I am no different. I share my real-life examples with students hoping that they can learn from my mistakes. These real-life lessons will hopefully help them have a profitable future!

Throughout 2018, New Dimensions Federal Credit Union will continue to offer seminars and educational sessions to our members as well as to local community members.

For more details on financial literacy education, or to request Tanya Verzoni as a speaker at your school or group, visit www.newdimensionsfcu.com or email Tanya at tverzoni@newdimensionsfcu.com.

25th Annual Festival of Trees

Good Will-Hinckley kicks off its 25th Annual Festival of Trees on Friday, December 8th, with a tree lighting ceremony and the Bell Ringers. It continues on with a craft/vendor fair with Triple C Dance Team and Kennebec Valley Chordsmen performing, Sunday Brunch featuring Uniquely Music, pictures with Santa, Belfast Bay Fiddlers, Down Home Dinner featuring the Lawrence High School Vocal Vibe Choir, Mount View Chamber Singers and closes with a kids day that includes horse drawn wagon rides and more. Please see the schedule of events at www.gwh.org/news-and-events for more information and to purchase tickets to the Brunch and/or Down Home Dinner.  All proceeds benefit all the programs on the GWH campus, to learn more about the programs please go to www.gwh.org/programs.  Thanks to the Festival’s Event Sponsor, Sappi, and all the other sponsors listed at www.gwh.org/news-and-events list for making this possible.  And of course, thank YOU for coming and supporting the young lives in Maine and being the change in their lives!

NDFCU sets up a Christmas tree at The Sukeforth Family Festival of Trees

NDFCU sets up a Christmas tree at The Sukeforth Family Festival of Trees

On Friday, November 17, 2017, the 2nd Annual Sukeforth Family Festival of Trees begins. Just wait until you see those beautiful trees. There certainly is a lot of creativity at this event and the generosity of the community business involved is amazing. The NDFCU tree comes with $1,000 cash plus the beautiful tree you see pictured. Among our tree is several amazing trees that will thrill you and put you in the Christmas spirit for sure. You will hear friends catching up and chatting, tree viewers gushing over the beauty or creativity of each tree, or the wonderful Christmas music playing in the background ~ Can you think of a better way to spend a couple of hours this weekend (or next)? Grab your family members or some friends and come have fun with us.https://newdimensionsfcu.com/2017/11/17/ndfcu-sets-christmas-tree-sukeforth-family-festival-trees

Now Offering Tea Leaf Readings!

Now Offering Tea Leaf Readings!

We, at Enchanted Herbs & Teas, are pleased to announce that we now offer tea leaf readings.  As many may know, we have been offering other forms of psychic divination (tarot and oracle deck readings) for some time now and with the addition of our new Tea Bar, we are able to offer tea leaf readings as well.  Come on by for a cuppa and a reading with Ayrca or Wmffre.  For more information, visit our website at: https://www.enchantedherbsmaine.com/services/psychic-readings” .

Our new tea bar is open!

Our new tea bar is open!

Enchanted Herbs & Teas is pleased to announce that our new tea bar is open.  We will have fresh brewed teas, tisanes and coffee.  We will have a couple teas and coffees of the day but if that doesn’t suit your taste, we can brew any one of our many wonderful in-stock teas by request.  We can even make custom tea blends (tisanes) using any of our herbs.  We will occasionally feature one of our custom blends as a tea of the day.In addition to hot teas, our tea bar has iced teas from Pure Leaf, featuring their Tea House Blends. Just remember, it is always “time for tea” so stop on by to visit our new tea bar.

Payroll deduction

By popular request we now offer payroll deduction for our scrubs, shoes and medical supplies. If you are an employer or employee and are interested in payroll deduction please contact us and you can join the growing number of health care facilities who are enjoying this convenience. Also in stock by popular demand is a large selection of tall and petite sizes.

Berry’s Stationers

Berry’s Stationers is moving to 835B Kennedy Memorial Drive, Oakland Maine, Monday, November 13th!
Make sure to stop by and see their new location!
Berry’s Stationers is a family owned business specializing in office and art supplies, custom picture framing and related supplies,
as well as all your stationery needs, including a variety of customized products.

Waterville Rocks! Named a Semi-Finalist for $25,000 Grant for 10-Week Live Concert Series in 2018

Online votes will be a key factor when the Levitt Foundation selects up to 15 winners

Waterville, Maine — Waterville Rocks!, a summer concert series of free, family-friendly outdoor concerts in downtown Waterville’s Castonguay Square hosted by the Waterville Opera House, is now in the running to bring a 10-week live music series to the City of Waterville next summer. The series, designed to provide free cultural programming for the community and offer a new way to animate downtown Waterville, now needs to rock the vote as the Top 25 grant finalists will be selected through online public voting. The Levitt Foundation will then review the proposals of these 25 finalists and will select up to 15 Levitt AMP winners, who will be announced on January 2, 2018.


Sponsored by the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, a national foundation dedicated to strengthening the social fabric of America through free live music, the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards are an exciting matching grant opportunity designed to serve small to mid-sized towns and cities with populations up to 400,000. Up to 15 nonprofits will receive $25,000 each in matching funds to produce their own Levitt AMP Music Series—an outdoor, free concert series featuring a diverse lineup of professional musicians.


The Waterville Opera House and Waterville Creates! submitted the proposal to expand the existing Waterville Rocks! concert series, which for the past two summers has consisted of four evening concerts in Castonguay Square, to a weekly, 10-week series in 2018; Waterville’s proposal is now posted on the Levitt AMP website for public voting.


A successful campaign for Waterville Rocks! depends on community participation to get as many online votes as possible to bring the concert series to town. Community support, as measured by the number of online votes received, will be one of the key factors when the Levitt Foundation selects up to 15 winners.


Supporters are asked to visit https://grant.levittamp.org/voter-registration-page/ to register and vote. Online public voting opens on November 1 and ends November 20 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The Top 25 finalists will be selected through online public voting. The Levitt Foundation will then review the proposals of these 25 finalists and will select up to 15 Levitt AMP winners, which will be announced on January 2, 2018.


“This is an incredible opportunity for this growing community event as we head into the planning phase for year three of Waterville Rocks!,” says Shannon Haines, President and CEO of Waterville Creates! “We know from our recent cultural planning process that community members want to see more free and accessible arts programming, and are especially interested in live music, so this funding would allow us to respond to an expressed community desire.” Waterville Creates! provides funding and marketing support for Waterville Rocks! through its Partner Incentive Grant program.


 “Expanding our Waterville Rocks! summer concert series from four to ten performances would allow us to bring in more diverse professional acts and incorporate more of our community’s grassroots talent into these concerts – from the Snow Pond Center for the Arts, to our High School music programs to local musicians – and make this the perfect community event to showcase the incredible musical talents we have here in Central Maine.”


Waterville Creates! asks supporters to start spreading the word to family, friends, colleagues and neighbors and rally the community to sign up and vote for the Waterville Rocks! proposal.


Learn more about this grant opportunity at http://levittamp.org


About Waterville Rocks!
Waterville Rocks! is a free, family-friendly concert series held in downtown Waterville’s Castonguay Square. Established in 2016 by local business leaders and arts-focused organizations, Waterville Rocks! has become an annual community celebration of all-things-music held in the great outdoors. Keep up to date on all the latest and greatest news and event updates at operahouse.org/watervillerocks/ or on Facebook at facebook.com/WatervilleRocks.

About The Waterville Opera House
The Waterville Opera House has been Central Maine’s cultural center since 1902, treating audiences of all ages to the magic of the performing arts. The 810-seat venue has been host to theatrical productions, ballet performances, concerts, vaudeville and comedy acts, touring shows, as well as a variety of community celebrations and special events. Each year, the Opera House draws 30,000 patrons, reaches 4,000 students through its education performances, and features 250 youths in their theater camps and productions. From the classics to new releases the Waterville Opera House has a seat for you. For more information, visit http://www.operahouse.org/

About Waterville Creates!
Waterville Creates! promotes increased awareness of cultural opportunities and events while supporting enhanced programming and operations for its community partners and audiences. Waterville Creates! provides marketing, administrative, and development services to arts and cultural institutions in the greater Waterville area. Learn more at http://www.watervillecreates.org


Cha-Ching! 6 Ways you can save more money!

Cha-Ching! 6 Ways you can save more money!

Many members say they could really use an extra $100 a month to add to their household budget. It’s easier than you think to “find” that amount of money.  Sure, there may be a little effort on your part, but the satisfaction of paying your bills on time, keeping your credit in good shape, and having less stress is more rewarding in the end, right? Use this checklist to have a conversation about spending leaks with your spouse or family tonight!

Coffee:  Stopping at a coffee shop in the morning can average $3.50 per cup of joe a day; which totals $24.50 a week, or $98.00 per month! The savings is nearly $200 per month if your spouse is buying coffee too.

Cigarettes: At a whopping average of $7.00 per pack, cigarette smoking can cost a one-pack-a-day smoker a total of $49.00 per week! Cutting this habit can save you $196.00 a month per person!

Take-out food for lunch: A simple lunch at a fast food restaurant can average $8.00. If both husband and wife are dining out for lunch during the work week, that’s a total of $80.00 per week or $320.00 a month. Brown bag your lunch and get more bang for your buck and healthier choices, too!

Unused subscriptions and memberships: Have members of your family signed up for magazine subscriptions that collect in a pile and are never read?  Do you have gym memberships that go unused? What about internet music or audiobook subscriptions that you rarely listen to? How many times a month do you actually watch your Netflix or Hulu subscriptions? Cutting several of these unused subscriptions can add up to $100 per month!

Bottled water: If you spend just $1.50 per bottle of water twice a day for a month, that is a total of $90.00 per month!

Cable or Satellite TV:  Pricey tv packages and internet bundles can average more than $150.00 per month. Perhaps you could downgrade to a cheaper package or discontinue the service altogether? Would just internet and one streaming service like Hulu or NetFlix be enough entertainment for your family?

Other spending leaks such as convenience foods, brand name products, expensive salon services, even quick gas pedal acceleration and going grocery shopping when you’re hungry can all drain your budget, too. By taking any of these small steps (yes, even one of them) could improve your overall financial situation. Challenge yourself to always be aware of what you are spending. Your wallet will thank you!

Do you have any other suggestions we can add to this list? I bet together we can figure out how to make wise spending decisions that end up leaving you with a savings account you may not have had before.

New Services offered by Mary’s Massage and Bodywork

New Services
Epsom Salt Float Tent
The float tent is an amazing experience, recently increasing in popularity for its ability to provide a meditative state for body and mind as well as help the body heal as it bathes in magnesium sulfate.
The tent is maintained at a 93.5 degree temperature, designed to feel like body temperature so the person floating has a sensory deprivation experience with no noise, no light, and no sense of being hot or cold. Floating is an excellent therapy for those with stress, anxiety, or PTSD. It is four times as concentrated as the Dead Sea, allowing a unique floating experience. It allows the body to relax, detoxify, and replenish. It leaves you feeling amazingly relaxed and energized at the same time.
Infrared Sauna
The infrared sauna helps your body systems detoxify through the use of infrared waves. It is not a steam sauna and is 80-90% more effective than a steam sauna in benefiting your health. It also has colored light therapy to balance your energy and organs. It can help with weight loss, pain relief, stress, sleep, the immune system including cancer fighting cells, and skin health. It helps increase energy levels, stamina, and mental clarity.
Please contact me if you would like more information or check out my website https://marysmassageandbodywork.weebly.com/
I still offer Private Yoga Classes, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.

Ski Passes for Quarry Road Trails Available at Discounted Pre-Season Rates

Ski Passes for Quarry Road Trails Available at Discounted Pre-Season Rates
Season ski passes are available at discounted pre-season rates through Nov. 30 and can be purchased online at quarryroad.org, the Finance Dept. at Waterville’s City Hall, or the Alfond Youth Center. For further information about the area, programs, and events, call Waterville Parks and Recreation at (207) 680-4744 or visit quarryroad.org.

Waterville Creates! Launches New and Improved Website at WatervilleCreates.org

Waterville, Maine — Waterville Creates!, one of Maine’s leading arts and cultural organizations and a key driver in making the city a vibrant destination in central Maine, has launched a new website to better serve its Partners, the regions art organizations, and the artists of the Kennebec Valley communities. The improved website, which features an easy-to-use art and community event calendar, includes a new online presence for Common Street Arts, Waterville Creates! Programmatic arm, and provides easy links to Waterville Creates!’ online ticket system.

“We know from our recent work in developing a cultural plan for the City of Waterville that Waterville residents and visitors first learn about our arts programming through online searches,” says Patricia King, VP of Programs and Operations of Waterville Creates! “Our new website is more visually dynamic and also incorporates the latest in Search Engine Optimization technology and features an easy-to-use, self-serve community and arts events calendar, which we expect will generate greater awareness of local events and programs to fuel increased collaboration with other partners throughout the community.” 

Greater Waterville area non-profit organizations and businesses are encouraged to enter their own upcoming events on the new Waterville Creates! Calendar. Anyone is welcome to submit an event; events selected to be included on the calendar will also be promoted through Waterville Creates! social media promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and will also be considered for Waterville Creates! popular enewsletter, the Arts Spotlight, delivered to email inboxes every Monday morning.

To view the new website, visit: www.WatervilleCreates.org

REM Craft Fair

The REM Craft Fair will feature talented crafters from all over Maine.  The two day event will be held again this year at Champion’s Fitness Club, 30 Elm Plaza, Waterville on Saturday, October 28th   from 10am to 5pm and on Sunday, October 29th   from 10am to 3pm.   The craft fair will showcase the work of high-quality Maine artisans so you can support our local Maine artisans and find that perfect, unique gift at the same time!  And while you’re there, be sure to enjoy a bowl of one of the great homemade soups available!

School Street Yoga

Just six weeks until our Water’s Edge Wellness Retreat. Register now for a delightful experience at Snow Pond Center for the Arts in Sidney.

School Street Yoga is hosting all aspects of this retreat –Jeri and Susan will teach yoga classes.

Three-day, two-night all-inclusive retreat

Sept. 29-Oct. 1 | $325 per person

Additional charge for accommodations, which vary. 

Make your reservations today!

School Street Yoga  | schoolstreetyoga.com

Change in Leadership with Maine International Film Festival

Recently our friends at WABI TV 5 aired a news story featuring the change in leadership at the Maine International Film Festival in Waterville. Mike Perreault is taking over the top post from our President and CEO, Shannon Haines, who served as Festival Director for 15 years. Shannon will certainly remain involved with the festival in her role as President and Chief Executive Officer of Waterville Creates!

2017 – 2018 Call to Artists! Art in the Lobby at Railroad Square Cinema

Entry Deadline: September 1
Exhibition Period: October 2017 – September 2018
Location:17 Railroad Square

The Maine Film Center’s Art in the Lobby exhibition series at Railroad Square Cinema provides an opportunity for Maine visual artists of various ages, media, and lifestyles to exhibit their work in a high-profile venue. While the Maine Film Center’s primary focus is film, the organization has always been committed to the promotion and incorporation of visual arts into its programs and venues, and they are excited to pursue new, multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships. The Call to Artists residing in Maine. All work must be original and ready to be delivery. For more information manner to the public at the time of the Railroad Square Cinema website.

Lovejoy Health Center Welcomes Dr. Harik to the Team

ALBION – Danielle Harik, DO, will be joining Lovejoy Health Center’s medical team in a one-year position this summer to provide primary care to people of all ages. She recently completed the Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Residency in Oregon. In 2010, she obtained a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from Michigan State University. Previously, Danielle obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at Lee Honors College of Western Michigan University. Her areas of clinical interest include women’s health, international medicine, and nutrition in medicine.

“I am drawn to the Lovejoy Health Center because of the mission to treat people of all ages, regardless of their background or socioeconomic status,” Danielle recently shared. “My residency clinic is a patient-centered medical home and I have greatly appreciated the support of all my colleagues and the myriad of clinic resources available to better serve our patients. I am excited to continue to work in this model with a supportive team as a multidisciplinary approach is best when trying to reach optimal health. Lastly, I was immediately impressed by the warm, welcoming nature of everyone at Lovejoy. I look forward to joining the practice.”


Lovejoy Health Center is part of HealthReach Community Health Centers, a group of eleven Federally Qualified Health Centers in Central and Western Maine. Dedicated providers deliver high quality medical and behavioral health care to citizens in over 80 rural communities. To ensure access for everyone, HealthReach accepts Medicare, MaineCare and major insurances. In addition, an Affordable Care Program is available to uninsured and underinsured residents as well as assistance with applications for programs that help with the cost of healthcare and medications including the Health Insurance Marketplace. A private, non-profit with a 42-year history, HealthReach is funded by patient fees, grants and individual donations.

Waterville Summer Activities

Waterville Offers Summer Activities for All Ages, Including Food Festival & Concert Series

Recently our friends at WABI TV 5 aired a news story featuring all the amazing summer community events happening right here in Waterville, including Waterville Creates! free summer music concert series, Waterville Rocks! To watch the video visit WABI TV 5 online!

Holiday Bazaar 2017: Call for Entry!

Common Street Arts is preparing for another amazing Holiday Bazaar in downtown Waterville this November and December. Right before the winter holidays, when shoppers are looking for the perfect gift, the Common Street Arts gallery will be transformed into a marketplace filled with handmade items created by Maine artists and craftspeople through this juried exhibition. This call for fine art + craft is open to all artists and craftspeople. If you throw mugs, make ornaments and cards, design jewelry, knit hats, or create other imaginative gift items, we invite you to participate. All artists will be paid a 60% commission; Common Street Arts Artist-Level members will be paid a 70% commission. For more information or to enter, visit the Common Street Arts website or call us at 207-872-ARTS.

Entry Deadline: August 14th

Greetings from the L.C.Bates Museum

Summer has brought many wonderful visitors from Maine and away to tour the museum and learn about the local wildlife. Visitors seem to most like the exhibited birds, moose and black bear. We have been telling all visitors about the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21 and inviting them to return that day to the museum to watch the eclipse with us.