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Employee News

Vickie Massey has retired after working for us for 41 years!  We can’t thank Vickie enough for all of her hard work and dedication to our company.  We wish Vickie much happiness in her retirement!

We would like to welcome our newest employees Ron Wood, Missy Brown, Meagan Violette, Natasha McPherson, Charles Merchant and Jacob Michaud to NEL!  We wish you much success in your new careers!

We also would like to thank Tiffany Michaud for 6 years of service and Kate MacKinnon for 10 years of service!  Wow we have exceptional employees!!!!!!!

Contact Info:
  • Address: P.O. Box 788, Waterville
  • Primary Phone: (207) 873-7711
  • Email: info@nelabservices.com