Community Events Committees

The Community Events Committees provide fund-rasing efforts to support the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce. They assist in planning, coordinating and implementing programs that focus on promotion of networking, cultural and recreational enrichment of the mid-Maine area. Below is a comprehensive list of the Chamber’s Events Committees. Each Event Committee meets as necessary nearing the time of the event.

* Produce an Annual Awards Ceremony on Oct. 14, 2021 at Enchanted Gables
* Produce the Chamber Golf Classic on June 21, 2021 at Natanis Golf Course
* Produce the Taste of Waterville on August 4, 2021
* Produce the Super Raffle Dinner Show on Sept. 30, 2021
* Produce Business to Business Showcase on June 10, 2021, at Colby College Field House

Annual Awards Ceremony Committee
Annual Awards Ceremony Committee: Chair: Brandi Meisner
Committee Members: Darlene Ratte, Gary Poulin, Linanne Gaunce, Mary Carpinito, Sara Barry.
Golf Classic Committee
Chair: Rick Whalen Committee Members: Sara Barry, Bill Layton, Cliff Hannon, Gary Levesque, Mark Bradford, Brian Bowman, Mike Guarino, Brandi Meisner.
Taste Committee
Chair: Shawn Michaud Committee Members: Gary Poulin, Mary Carpinito, Mike Guarino, Scott Macadoo, Lynn Dailey, Greg Zimba, Joy McKenna, Brandi Meisner.
Super Raffle Committee
Chair: Heather Thorne Committee Members: Don Plourde, Irene Plourde, Jamie Plourde, Lucille Zelenkewich, Nichole Lee, Courtney Bonsant, Brandi Meisner.
Business to Business Showcase
Chair: Bruce Harrington Committee Members: Gary Poulin, Joy McKenna, Tom Davis, Brandi Meisner.
Small Business Saturday
Chair: Martha Wentworth
Committee Members: Brandi Meisner, Bridget Campbell, Amarinda Keys.

Staff: Kim Lindlof, Cindy Stevens, Patricia Michaud