Executive / Planning Committee

The Executive Committee is formed to provide an effective leadership role in shaping the direction and fulfilling the mission of the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce. The Committee consists of Officers that sit on the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

Executive Committee oversees high-level functions, such as overseeing the Chamber’s strategic plan, financial and investment stability, budgets, and internal human resource functions. The Committee also assists in funding the KV Transit functions.

Executive Board meets on the 3rd Friday of the month at 7:30 AM in the Chamber’s board room.

Board Members meets on the 4th Friday of the month except July at 7:30 AM in the Chamber’s board room.

Committee Chair: Bruce Harrington

E-Board Members:
1st Vice Chair: Gary Levesque
2nd Vice Chair: Dan Bernier
Treasurer: Gary Zemrak
Past Chair: Dave Roy
Director-at-Large: Joy McKenna
President & CEO: Kimberly Lindlof

Board Members:
Mary Carpinito, Beth Gibbs, Rick Hopper, Ken Hoehlein, Darlene Ratte, Renee Hawthorne, Charlie Gaunce, Alison Paine, Rick Whalen, Sabra Hayden, Brandi Meisner, Deb Johnson, Tom Davis & Shawn Michaud. Garvan Donegan (ex officio).

2017 Executive/Board Program of Work

To provide effective leadership in shaping the direction and fulfilling the mission of the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce.

  • Include membership receivables/other accts. receivable in monthly reports or as needed. Develop a plan for enhanced/improved collections timing.
  • Develop performance review/goals for the Chamber president. Revamp evaluation process. Time Line: January Chair: Bruce Harrington
  • Develop a succession plan for president and CEO.
  • Review pool of candidates for board & executive board positions to present to members.
  • Fund KV Transit.
  • Establish a growth plan for the Joseph B. Ezhaya Scholarship.
  • Monitor and participate in unanticipated economic development opportunities when it is economically viable for the Chamber.
  • Continue contractual oversight and support of the Central Maine Growth Council. Nominate/elect new CMGC board members as necessary.
  • Plan annual retreat for board of directors in October.
  • Keep 6 month reserve in Balance Sheet for emergency or catastrophic circumstances, and at end of year, add minimum of 1% of current year’s surplus to the building maintenance fund.
  • Project 3% surplus as percent of gross revenue.
  • Budget for discretionary use.
  • Continue employee Workplace Wellness program.
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate with KV Chamber and other regional organizations to illustrate cooperation and support.
  • Host and/or work with KV Chamber on People of the Kennebec forums if necessary.

Meeting Place: Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce boardroom
E-Board Meeting Time: Third Friday – 7:30 AM – January through December
Board Meeting Time: Fourth Friday of the month except July at 7:30 AM; October full day board retreat; 11:30 in Dec. for luncheon.