Public Policy Committee

2023 Public Policy Program of Work
MISSION: To identify, develop, communicate, educate and/or advocate positions on issues of importance to the membership of our Chamber.

• Advocate for the betterment of our downtowns’ revitalization.

• Develop, publish, and communicate to members, legislators and the public, position statements when deemed appropriate through whatever communication vehicle(s) is/are considered suitable.

• Actively participate in the power infrastructure debate as well as cost of power, with an eye toward keeping our electricity’s infrastructure privatized, costs low, and the successful completion of the green powered NECEC.

• Include standard box in InTouch during the legislative session that has a link to the LD Web site:

• Advocate for and work with those that can expand broadband in MMCC’s geographic region.

• Partner with other organizations as opportunities arise to educate our membership on issues that may affect their business.

• Advocate for the retention of the MMCC regional dams and their relicensing.

• Continue and host “Meet the Reps”. Secure sponsors.

• Review and update White Papers.

• Coordinate a “political” breakfast in Oct. with Business Breakfast Committee. Secure additional sponsors if necessary.

• Actively advocate for the extension of passenger rail to Bangor.

• Support the city of Waterville’s LaFleur airport. Monitor activity. Encourage strategic plan development.

Board Members: Bruce Harrington, Joy McKenna, and Garvan Donegan.

Members: Dan Bernier, Lisa Harvey-McPherson, Elery Keene, John Picchiotti, Dr. Jim Libby, Peter Garrett, Rob Lester, Samantha Burdick, Nicole Desjardins, Mark Fisher, Charlie Gaunce, Liz Menard, Roger Crouse, and Tom Shupe.