As a parent or an employer (or both), if you are thinking about relocating to the mid-Maine area you have a serious interest in our educational system. We realize that the education of our children is a key to this area’s growth, development, and ultimate success in a technological and highly-competitive world. All of our educational systems in mid-Maine are committed to a philosophy and a curriculum which prepares young people to achieve in the workplace of the 21st-century.

Schools here, as in most places, compete strenuously in sports! However, when it comes to academics and personal development in mid-Maine schools, competition gives way to cooperation and the pursuit of common goals. Wherever you live in mid-Maine, you will find a school system committed to helping each child become a well-adjusted, informed, productive, and responsible citizen of the world community.

Our schools strive to:
  • Help students develop their self-esteem, and reach their full academic potential. This is reflected in the fact that mid-Maine students show increasingly higher scores in the Maine Educational Assessment tests and that a consistently growing number of graduates go on to post-secondary education.
  • Create healthy partnerships with local business and industry to provide early opportunities for students to learn about the real world of work.
  • Bring students to new levels of understanding of technology and computer literacy. There is a growing emphasis in our schools on mathematics and science as cornerstones of future careers in almost all fields.
  • Maintain an emphasis on the humanities: the written and spoken word, history, social studies, ethics and philosophy, and the fine arts. Our schools believe it is not enough to know “how” to function in the modern world, it is also necessary to know “why” we behave the way we do. The humanities offer timeless insights into the nature of human behavior and development.
  • Expand students’ understanding of the “global village” in which they will live. There is a new emphasis on the study of foreign languages, the global environ-ment, world trade, and the significance of international relationships and how these factors relate to life in central Maine.
  • Provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills while preparing students to accept the need for life-long learning and on-going adaptation to change.

Each of the school systems in mid-Maine has objectives and programs which are unique. Information on these is always available from the individual Superintendents of Schools’ offices. Whether you are a parent, an employer or, most importantly, a student, we believe you will find that mid-Maine schools share in common a sincere commitment to quality education and individual growth that is essential to the future — for all of us.