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Located on the east bank of the Kennebec River across the bridge from Waterville, Winslow, Maine is a town rich in history and pride. Settlers arrived in the early 1700s and built their homes around the protective “Fort Halifax” on the confluence of the Sebasticook and Kennebec Rivers, major routes in transporting food, goods, and more settlers.

The Winslow Fort Halifax Blockhouse, formerly the nation’s oldest wooden structure of its type, was rebuilt from some of the timbers of the original Blockhouse that was swept down the Kennebec River by raging flood waters on April 1, 1987.

Winslow has a population of approximately 8,000 and provides excellent commercial, industrial, and residential opportunities. Johnny’s Selected Seeds, one of the world’s top rated seed catalog companies, is open for business on Benton Avenue in Winslow. Mid-State Machine Products, one of Maine’s largest manufacturers of specialty machinery is favorably located on Route 201. Growth and development of small independent craftsmen and manufacturing shops have been set up in the Kennebec River Development Park on the banks of the Kennebec.

A stable, council -manager government has operated under a Town Charter since 1969. Winslow has successfully maintained one of the more attractive property tax rates in the area and can boast an excellent educational system, outstanding athletic programs, and some of the finer recreational facilities in the state. Winslow is a warm, friendly, progressive community and an excellent place to call home.

Government: Town Manager, Town Council
Phone: 207-872-2776
Population: 7,784
Tax Rate/$1,000: $17.50
Market Value: 100%
Total Debt: $5,303,600
Utilities: Electric Power/Water/Sanitary Services
Land Area: 37.5 Square Miles

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