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“Waterville’s got Talent”

Oak Grove Center and Good Life Entertainment are pleased to Sponsor “Waterville’s got Talent” to be held on April 11th, 2020 at the Waterville Elks Club located at 76 Commercial Dr. in Waterville. We are looking for singing Talent and audience members.
This fundraiser is dedicated to replacing some of the discretionary spending which has recently been reduced to fund State-Mandated pay raises (which is a good thing right?) activities that have been adversely affected include things like day trips to area attractions, civic and cultural events and other activities for our Senior Citizens. Good life Entertainment and other civic minded companies and individuals are endeavoring to provide a bit of a cushion to the Resident Council to restore *some* of the activities that the Seniors are no longer able to enjoy due to lack of funding. It speaks directly to their quality of life! Seniors are one of our most valuable resources and I would be willing to bet that many of the most useful things that you have learned in your life; were in part, thanks to a Senior. I think that we owe it to them. Don’t you?
With that said; we humbly ask for your generous donation of any amount (donations of services, certificates and/or raffle items gladly accepted) as you are guided by your heart to give.

Please make your check payable to:
Oak Grove Resident Council
27 Cool Street.
Waterville, Maine 04901

Please let us know if you would like to have your generous donation acknowledged at the “Waterville’s got Talent” fundraiser for Oak Grove Seniors on April 11th, 2020 at the Waterville Elks, this event will feature local singing talent as well as offering various raffles and a 50/50 draw during intermissions.
Tickets must be purchased in advance at Oak Grove and are available NOW! For further details and/or to inquire about how you can get involved, please contact Ellie Gould at 207-873-0721 or Robin Cameron at 207-399-4391.