Materials Specialist

Performs the administrative and physical tasks associated with ERP PAR order/replenishment, PAR level adjustments (labels, tracking, etc), Returns, and Customer Service.

Responsible for replenishment of multiple cost centers with additional responsibility of constant adjustment of PAR levels for seasonality, business need, or lack of use in the facility.

All Requirements of the Materials Specialist I Job Description, and: 
Receive in Mobile Supply Chain Management (MSCM) and CSF (Cloudsuite Financials). o Order Periodic Automated Replenishment (PAR) supplies in Specialty areas (I.E. OR / Cardiology). 
Re-Stocking of Specialty areas (I.E. OR / Cardiology). 
Communication with Department staff and Leadership on Backorder and/or product issues.
Ordering of Medical gases as required per facility needs. 
Keeping Safety Data Sheets (SDS) up-to-date as products change throughout the facility. 
Looking up and/or assisting customers in looking up SDS forms per need. 
Ability to provide interim leadership. 
Expiration Tracking (FIFO) quarterly or as needed for items with short shelf-life. 
Assist departments with product questions. 
Management of PAR locations, correcting quantities to maximize the items availability for staff and minimize the amount of Materials Management handling. 
Management of PAR locations, through Value Analysis Committee (VAC) conversions, adds and deletes. 
Managing PAR Locations, Discussing Backorders, changes, other with Department Staff 
Working with Purchasing on process for returning products. 
Ability to provide oversight of daily operations as needed. 
Ability to place departmental order requests with the ability to train Departmental Requesters as needed. 
May be expected to perform duties at a higher or lower level for short term coverage. 
Other Duties as assigned 

Other Information:
OTHER SKILLS: Maintain storeroom and equipment. Order and deliver supplies for various areas. Excellent interpersonal skills are necessary. Must be able to hear and verbally communicate with the team and healthcare professionals, etc. Must be able to read, write, and have legible handwriting. Ability to operate Materials Handling Equipment (I.E. Pallet Jack, Forklift). 

Required Associate's Degree Knowledge of contemporary business practices acquired through graduation from a two-year college or university with major coursework in business, data analytics, finance, mathematics, or related field or additional work experience equaling two years of experience per each year of schooling.

Required Experience

2 year/years of Relevant Work Experience

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