Social Worker/LSW

Eligible for a $5,000.00 (less taxes) sign on bonus, paid out in installments with a work commitment. 
NLH member employees and those with a service break less than one year are not eligible for bonus.

Summary: The position is responsible for providing social services in accordance with the Lakewood Mission, Vision, and Values in order to enable residents to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, or psychosocial well-being.

Responsibilities: 1. Advocates for the rights of the resident and the resident’s family. 2. Obtains psychosocial history and participates in the comprehensive assessment and development of the care plan by the multidisciplinary team as assigned by the Director. 3. Prepares and maintains progress notes as needed, but at least quarterly if problems are identified on the care plan in which the social worker is involved. 4. Maintains contact with family to report on changes in health, treatment goals, discharge planning, and plan of care. 5. Makes referrals to obtain services from outside agencies (eg: hospice,) as needed. 6. Makes arrangements to obtain adaptive equipment, clothing, and personal items as needed. 7. Assists the director implementing plans for safe and orderly discharge by coordinating placement with other facilities; arranging for post discharge supportive services (i.e.: home care, therapy, etc.); making arrangements for supplies and equipment; and other related duties. 8. Initiates Medicaid “Days Awaiting Placement” applications and provides documentation and follow-up as needed. 9. Provides or arranges for the provision of counseling services as needed. 10. Assists residents to determine how they would like to make decisions about their health care, including providing information about living wills, durable power of attorney, and other advance directives. 11. Helps build relationships between residents/families and staff to include teaching staff how to understand and support resident and family needs. 12. Assists residents with financial and legal matters such as applying for Medicaid, contacting Social Security, and making referrals to attorneys. 13. Assists with tracking medical eligibility assessment schedule and initiates referrals to the appropriate resident medical assessment contractor (Goold Health Systems). 14. Assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Social Services in his/her absence. 15. Assists the director to coordinate referrals and admissions in the absence of the Admission Coordinator. 16. Attends appropriate continuing education courses as proscribed by Lakewood and the Board of Social Work Licensure. 17. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Director of Social Services.

Credentials: Essential:* Licensed Social Worker
Education: Essential:* Bachelor's Degree

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