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Anywhere’s LLC switched over to an LLC in September of 2023, during its third year of operation. The company is owned and operated by Denise.

In 2020, Denise was planning a wedding with her then fiancée Alan. COVID hit, making a huge mess of their plans. Due to this, they had to rearrange their wedding date four times to accommodate state changes and the safety of their guests. On the fourth date, they had decided on a backyard wedding at the groom's mother's house.

They had gone from a place that included everything to a place where they needed to get everything. Looking around at rental businesses, they noticed that the price of rentals was high. They happened to luck out by being able to purchase their rentals from a company that was selling off their supplies to restructure their business.


After their wedding, they had tables and chairs they were not sure what to do with. Denise decided that she wanted to give other brides savings during the hard times brought upon them through COVID. She called throughout the state of Maine asking about pricing for numerous locations to create the best bargains she could give customers. What started as a few weddings to save others money has grown rapidly and now Anywhere’s is excited to expand bigger than ever.


In 2024, Anywhere’s LLC hopes to extend its market to bigger corporate events, more weddings, and work towards creating a venue where people can have a unique celebration all year long. We have expanded our inventory greatly and will continue to expand as we cater to the needs of our clients. We love what we do and cannot wait to keep sharing this journey with you.

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